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Artisan Workshops


The Mostra Mercato dell'Artigianato of the Tiber Valley is held from the 23th April to the 1st May every year. This exhibition represents not only the promotion of the artisan handcraft skills of Anghiari but also its affirmation. Every year the exhibition is the most enthusiastically anticipated event in the Tiber Valley. The purpose of the handcraft Mostra Mercato is also to be a point of reference or meeting point for craftsmen to exchange and compare problems, exchange information and find resources in order to expand an important economical field for Anghiari.

The Mostra mercato dell'Artigianato touches almost all the 'Hand made' sectors from antique restoration to wrought iron and stone carving, from ceramics to precious metals and jewellery, from fabrics to leather goods. A special aspect of the exhibition is its setting in 55 little 'shops' in borrowed basements, vaults and storerooms that open onto the narrow streets of the old town and, in addition, the various prestigious exhibitions that are displayed in the important and beautiful buildings of the town.


We can never forget that Anghiari lies in the heart of a land where artists like Piero della Francesca and Michelangelo were born and many, many famous artists have worked (from Luca Signorelli to Raffaello and from Rosso Fiorentino to the modern master of Abstraction, Alberto Burri), and the dual concept Art and Handcraft is always present in the many events surrounding the spring exhibition.




Corso Matteotti, 103

Phone/fax + 39 0575 749279


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