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Immersion in Nature


A natural amphitheatre rich in history and incomparably beautiful countryside, the Valtiberina of Tuscany presents the inquiring visitor with a huge mosaic of different environments, offering a rich multiplicity of shapes, colours and perfumes throughout the whole year.


The numerous Nature Reserves that have been instituted protect unique ecosystems of great value such as the "Sasso di Simone" (Simon's Rock) and "Monti Rognosi" and allow us to enjoy rare and impressive natural scenery, and see wolves, deer, porcupines, badgers, foxes and birds of prey such as sparrowhawks, buzzards or golden eagles.

A huge number of water birds find splendid oases on the lakes of Montedoglio and Golena del Tevere, on the border between the districts of Anghiari and Sansepolcro.


"Riserva naturale dei Monti Rognosi"

A nature reserve that was created to protect the special vegetation of the serpentinite rock.

"Area protetta Golena del Tevere"

An evocative stretch of the Tiber modelled by man.


Visit the website for the nature reserves in the Provincia di Arezzo



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