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The Museums


Palazzo Taglieschi State Museum

P.zza Mameli, 16

Opening hours:

From Tuesday to Thursday: 9,00 - 18,00

From Friday to Sunday: 10,00 - 19,00

Closed on monday

Phone 0575 788001




Palazzo della Battaglia

Museo delle Memorie e del Paesaggio nella Terra di Anghiari

P.zza Mameli, 1-2

Open every day

Closed on 25 December

Phone 0575 787023

Fax 0575 787356



Museum of the Misericordia

Via Nenci, 15

Opening hours:

Saturday afternoon 15,00 - 18,00

Sunday and holidays:

9,30 - 12,30 / 15,00 - 18,00

To book Phone 0575/787023


the battle of anghiari

history of a corner of tuscany

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the waterways
the sovara valley
nature reserves
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antique markets
Art and trades

the workshops of the historical centre

the artisans fair


the crossover of tastes between the borders

the tiber valley flavours road

i centogusti dell'appennino




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