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"In search of enchanting towns"

In Valtiberina, the most Eastern part of the province of Arezzo where it borders Marche, Romagna and Umbria, dominating the valley, we find the medieval town of Anghiari (429 m, population approx. 6000), mentioned in "The most beautiful cities of Italy" as well as "Bandiera Arancione of the Italian Touring Club" and "Slow City".

Using the narrow interweaving streets of the town we will visit the historic centre, the Badia di S. Bartolomeo, Palazzo Pretorio, the Museum of traditional culture in the Palazzo Taglieschi and the Museum of the Battaglia.

The latter reconstructs the event that in 1503 Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint for the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and which celebrates the Florentine Victory in the famous Battle of Anghiari which took place beneath the walls of the town on the 29th June 1440.

Then we will go approx 15km away, to visit another little town: Caprese Michelangelo, a walled town found at the top of a steep hill that dominates the wooded valley of the Singerna and which owes it name to Michelangelo Buonarotti, who was born there on the 6th March 1475. Here we will visit the Museum "Michelangiolesco", built as a permanent tribute to the renowned artist by his town of birth in 1964, the year in which the 400th Anniversary of his death was celebrated. This museum is situated in the house where Michelangelo was born, (14th Century), in Palazzo Clusini (15th Century) and in the open, in the remains of the ancient castle which dates back to the high medieval period.

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